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i think the preach at the end is a reference to the hook that frank sings and not a reference to the verse he just spit

Melony Moore

As a non hip-hopper, the subject matter is meh; as a lawyer the analysis impels me to constantly seek higher levels of critical thinking. I was however, disappointed that the same attention was not paid to the Thanksgiving line as the rest of the verse.


I wonder if the " Preach " line is a reference to Jay understanding that he is almost a bystander within his own talent. Being amazed by the God given ability. I heard him mentions several times that it just " comes outta the air " for him. It's almost as if he is outta his own self watching God speak through him and then he comes back to himself and agrees with what God spoke... By saying " Preach " as we do in the African American church??? Just Thought


the thing about so many of Jay's lines is that you can hear/interpret them differently. i've always heard the PIOUS line as: "...do a thug's prayers reach/as pious pyres cuz god loves pious" which builds on the allusion to 'torching' his previous life of dealin. BUT...your analysis links it more closely to the Socrates quote and is probably more in line w/ what he meant. Either way.....INCREDIBLE line. Another great piece Toure.


...better than rapgenuis.com. Nice.


I was thinking the "Preach" line was a sort of encouragement to the general public to have an understanding of the power you have. He states what others have done already...Jesus was a carpenter, Yeezy laid beats and he flowed the Holy Ghost. So the get the hell up out your seats is like "get up, get out and get somethin"...it's your turn. Preach...tell your story, testify. This type of stuff is great, the power of interpretation. Nice breakdown by Toure.


I interpreted the following line a little different "I’m out here ballin’, I know ya’ll hear my sneaks
" I agree with your first statement on this line the other not so much in regards to the flashy sneakers. But here is what i gathered from the following line "I know ya’ll hear my sneaks
" Jay is notorious for his word play and subliminal shots e.g. His slick 50 sent diss "I'm the Mike Jordan of rap now watch how quickly I drop 50!" or this infamous "You got baby money" that just got a response from Lil Wayne. Do you agree?


Preach to me is an encouragement...in the black church when the preacher is filled with the holy ghost...its like something is moving thru him...as if he's not in control when he taps..we know Jay doesn't write lyrics...its off top..so to me he preach is to himself...but of a power greater than himself


Not when he "taps" when he RAPS :-D


Dope evaluation, I agree w/pretty much the whole assessment. However,I have been taking a closer look at the montague Jay painted the whole album as the fugitive from the law. I.e. I have 5 passports I'm never going to jail. Kind of the Frank Lucas persona again!


This is what makes jay great... his uncanny ability to make rhyme with thought in an effortless manner. The lines in this verse goes way above people heads please visit my blog at insitefuleprod.tumblr.com


I love it!! I think the reference to his sneaks is just homage to a good old basketball where when a baller is really balling with repeatedly make that noise on the court. Jay is awesome.


Nice. Great review. An extra comment on the "Is Pious pious cause God loves pious?
" line. Many of the popes in history were named Pious, so in a sense his musings point in the direction of established religion.


You should do the whole album...

Janis Townsend

I agree that you should do the whole album. That reading would be time well spent.


I agree also...i LOVE the album, so to analyze the whole album would be great..


this verse and this song actually is created and stems from frank oceans we all try and kanye west power.....the themes and lines in those songs make this song which is why such big names like ye and jay would reach out to a frank ocean.....there is a theme of philosophical questioning in each song..... kanyes verse is very meaningful too as he paints an orgy or sacrifice in his bars


This is great. Just to add my own thoughts, I think "all for Plato" also is a reference that Plato wrote in Socrates. I also think it could be heard as "off of play dough" as in small money, on to large amounts, followed by "I'm out here ballin" brings it together.
I am amazed by Jay the fact he doesn't write this stuff...good gracious.


Two quick things:
Plato was not Socrates' homie but his student and mentee. None of Socrates' writing survives. In fact, it is only through Plato's (and others) accounts of Socrates' teachings that we know of him. So the "All for Plato" line seems to be saying "whatever" maybe Plato has thought about and interpreted Socrates more than I have.

I interpreted the first line "tears on the mauseoleum floor" with less religious tint than you have: someone weeping over the death of someone great, a mausoleum being a sort of tomb.

Fantastic breakdown. Thanks.


The part about thaksgiving being disguised as a feast is from the past and how the europeans did a huge massacre on the native americans and now us americans see it as feast time..


I think something everyone's missing is that Plato is pronounced with the long (a) sound which could be yet another double entendre if you think of it as also "play though", considering the next words where he references ballin'. This turns out to be one of the best verses I've heard in a while.


Good break down Toure

Fuck You

what is a toure monkey?

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