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I would like to kindly ask if you had the time to suggest the top ten or twenty books, you feel, a young black man should read. I am looking to develop a list to find books for a young man, for the holidays and birthdays, who reads, slowly, with resistance and complaint, is struggling with his racial identity, his poverty, life with his mother and his sister, and without his absent father and extended family. Thank you very much for any thing you can suggest! I have posted this question, in greater detail, as the beginning of a new blog I have started on wordpress.


Honestly, I have seen you on FUSE and wrote you off quick. I just saw you as someone trying to give some sort of intellectual credit to bullshit pop artist but man this entire site is great. I have a whole new level of respect for you. I had read your "resume" but it wasn't until I crossed paths with this site that I truly understood what you are about. Great job man.

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